original instruments

Trans #2 created wtih 

Kyma Synth & MetaSynth software.

Trans #3 created with  Seesaw instruments, Kyma Synth and Meta Synth software

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  O'Donnell Multi Timbrel Triangle Beaters with Case with The  Harlan Tambourine . Now availbe at www.harlanpersussion.com 
O'Donnell Multi Timbrel Triangle Beaters with Case and The  Harlan Tambourine
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THROD One of two Analog Synthesizers built by Rich and Tom Hamilton '74-'76. This large, early hybrid synthesizer, features computer controlled, (Commodore 128) patching system, digital sequencer, (the small box in the picture), a 4 channel sound distribution system with real time, finger controlled panning, and touch activated keyboard. All pre-MIDI. Too big to take to gigs however.