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None of the 200+ concerts per year O'Donnell played with the St. Louis Symphony for 43 years are listed.

Below are some of the other past collaborations:


• Masked Halloween Ball • Dawn Karlovsky, Summer Beasley (dance) • Chad Eivens, Kevin Harris, Blake Butler (video) • 10/27/19

• Symprov Trio • Asako Kuboki, Tim Meyers  with Kevin Harris analog video synthesizer • MaTovu • September 29, 2019

• KISS 2019 • Daedong College • Busan • South Korea • Left Behind with Anna Lum • August, 2019

• In the Wake of a KISS • Andrew Raffo Dewar • Kranzberg Arts Center • April 15, 2019

• Analogue Revenge III • Mike Murphy, Kevin Harris, Josh Kahl • Flood Plain Gallery • January 5, 2019

• A Brief History of Planned Obsolescence • Kevin Harris, Mike Murphy•Kerr Foundation STL•November 11, 2018

• KISS 2018• Universty of California at Santa Cruz•Origin of our Solar System and the Norfolk Pine with Anna Lum•September 6

• Pavilions: Nested Worlds • Van McElwee, Casper McElwee, Rampant Technologies•St. Louis Artist Guild•April 6, 2018

• Convergence•Tom Hamilton, Anne LaBerge•Kranzberg Arts Center•March 16, 2018

• Analog Revenge II• Mike Murphy, Kevin Harris•Tietjens Hall, Washington University•March 16, 2018

• Mellow Metal•Shannon Wood, Tom Stubbs•St. Louis Artist Guild•December 17, 2017

• KISS 2017• Norwegian Academy of Music• Oslo, Norway•Saturday•October 14

   If a howler monkey, humpback, Imam or California thrasher had a Kyma..?,  Rich O’Donnell and Tai Chi Anna Lum

•  Analog Revenge•The Luminary•5/13/17 with Kevin Harris and Mike Murphy.

•  MU-PSI Making the Invisible Audible•.Zack•4/7/17 featuring Carla Scaletti with O'Donnell & Lum, Strip of Mobius

•  Rich O'Donnell 80•Sheldon Ballroom•2/26/17•Rich's 80th Birthday with a concert that spans 47 years.  From O’Donnell’s 1970 MikroTimbre I solo for amplified TamTam, to free improv created in the moment with Symprov Trio, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra musicians Asako Kuboki (violin) and Timothy Myers (trombone), with interludes of O’Donnell’s virtual drumming on Wiimote and nunchuck accompanying Casper McElwee’s 3D Anaglyph video and poet Anna Lum. 

•  Serious Warping of Space, Time and Your Mind, A SCI_FI FANTASY, dancers Thomas Proctor, Amy Coyle, Melissa Sluice; musicians  Venus Slick,  Bryan Erdmann, Doc Mabuse, O'Donnell; video artists Van McElwee, Kevin Harris, Zlatko Cosic, Chad Eivins; designers Ameli

Blaser, Marcel Coleman, Trang Nguyen and Napheli Juliana/Emilio Maldonado; The Kerr Foundation, 11/20/16

•  Kyma Internation Sound Symposium KISS 2016 - Emergence • 4D Infusion • Casper McElwee, anaglyphs • Anna Lum, poet    O'Donnell, Kyma, DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK, 9/9/16

•  HEARding Cats Collective at Satori, Van McElwee, video • Casper McElwee, anaglyphs • Asako Kuboki, violin • Papa Wright,            karimba • Dr. Mabuse, electronics • O'Donnell, abstract drumming, 6/4/16

•  Inside OCTARRARIUM,Sushi Brushed with Poetry, Anna Lum, poet and O'Donnell, abstract drumming​, 4/30/16

•  Inside OCTARRARIUM, Chad Eivins, electronics, and O'Donnell, abstract drumming & kyma, 4/29/16

•  OCTARRARIUM, multi media video installation by Kevin Harris & Chad Eivens 3/11- 4/ 30, 2016Regional Arts Commission, STL

•  Poetry & Percussion, Anna Lum, poet and O'Donnell, King of Kings Lutheran Church, 3/10/16

•  STL Poet Laureate Michael Castro's Unity Community, Anna Lum and O'Donnell, Poetry at Focal Point,  1/26/2016 

•  Chris Brown + Symprov Trio Asako Kuboki, Tim Myers, Rich O'Donnell,560 Music Center, HEARding Cats,  1/24/2016

•   Kyma Internation Sound Symposium (KISS),Bozeman, Montana, 8/9-13/2015  

            Drop a Quark • O'Donnell, SeeSaw drumming, Kyma and Anna Lum, poet  

•    Deep Anaglyphs, 3-D video by Casper McElwee, sound activated images: Mike Radentz, Eurosynth, THROD:                         O'Donnell, DOME: Doc Mabuse, cello: Craig Hultgren, karimba: Glenn "Papa" Wright, STL 6/6/15

•    You Call That Music, analog synths, O'Donnell, Harris, Murphy, The Luminary, STL, 5/9/15

    Extra and Extractions, interactive video by Kevin Harris, Chad Elevins, Ashley Tate dancers, O'Donnell, Mike Murphy

      Kerr Foundation, STL, 4/11/15

•    Into the Dark, Too, Symprov Trio with O'Donnell, Tim Myers & Asako Kuboki, at Regional Arts Commission, 3/9/15

•    Intermediate, new film and music by Brian Allen with O'Donnell, Webster U, STL, 2/8/15

      Electronica Fest 2014, National Electronics Museum, Linthicum, MD•    

      O'Donnell and Doc Mabuse, featured performers,  11/8/14

•    Out on a Limb: the Cognitive and Practical Benefits of Improvisation

       at the CMS Pre-Conference Workshop-at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, St. Louis, 10/ 29/14

     Zip Down Time • Improvising "Quartet" with Craig Hultgren, cello, Rich O'Donnell, Seesaw drums & Kyma, Anna              Lum, poetry  Electronic Music Midwest Festival, Lewis Univerisity, Romeoville, IL 10/17/14 

  • Barnstorming with Davey Williams, Doc Mabuse and Chris Parker, Oxford American, Little Rock, AK 6/22/14

  • Ancient Now, world premieres of 3-D videos Archaic Rooms by Van McElwee and Casper McElwee and Plane Samples by C McElwee with Debby Lennon, voice; Kate Eakin, oboe; John MacEnulty, native American flute; Rich O'Donnell, tam-tam/gongs; Bruce McLaughlin, gongs/percussion; Venus Slick, VLAGGIO; Glen"Papa" Wright, gong. 

  • Recording session with Jeffrey Agrell, horn improvisor/associate professor, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA May 24 -25 in preparation for Out on a Limb: Understanding and Experiencing the Cognitive and Practical Benefits of Improvisatio Conference Workshop-at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, St. Louis, Oct 29at the CMS Pre-

•The Visitor, with Sonic Suit Bob Marsh (San Francisco), vocal shape shifter Carol Genetti (Chicago) and seesaw drummer, O'Donnell,  at University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and Pizza M 4/14/14 , The Kerr Foundation 4/15/14.

•Original Self, world premiere of Van McElwee's video commissioned by HEARding Cats Collective in 2013.  with 3 live ensembles:  Percussion • O'Donnell, Alan Suits, Glen "Papa" Wright; Synthesizer • Doc Mabuse, Kevin Harris; Vocal • Debby Lennon, Natanja Tomich, Mark Anthony Saunders, David Stephens  3/13/14

 St. Louis Art Museum.

Hear What You Don't See (Listening in the Dark) with Master synthesist, Doc Mabuse, continue their theater of the senses at Regional Arts Commission 1/24/14

•AQurld Waves at HEARding Cats Webster University Pool,   St. Louis' first underwater concert  8/31/13

•Super-Cooled Voltage-Controlled Liquids with Van McElwee, R D Zurick, Tom Brady, Lea Koesterer, Doc Mabuse, Kevin Harris premiere innovative ways to filter video projection thu stained glass windows 2013

•Inside/Outside with Kevin Harris, Doc Mabuse and Bryan Erdmann create interactive soundscapes 

from small sounds, Kerr Foundation, St. Louis  2013

•Gino Robair, Andrea Centazzo at The Stone, NYC and St. Louis 2012

•Summer Kyma - The Plaza "In C" outdoor collaborative with 40+ musicians and dancers with Terry Riley's classic piece. Old Post Office Plaza 2011

•John Butcher, Denman Maroney at Kranzberg Arts Center, STL 3/20/11

•Daedalus Cacophonous features evolving percussive landscape with dancers from Ashleyliane Dance Co and Annonyarts, Poets Anna Lum, Brett Underwood, Richard Newman,  Saxophonist Joe McPhee and percussionists Papa Wright, Craig Williams, Adam Rugo and Thomas Zirkle. Old Post Office Plaza 2010

•Gino Robair, Andrea Centazzo at improvisor fest, Birmingham, AL 8/2010 video by Gino Robair

•Kyle Bruckmann, midwest tour: STL, Springfield, Champaign, Chicago, 2010

•Tom Brady, Robert Fishbone, Anna Lum, Kelsey LaPoint at Spring into June, Laumeier Sculpture Park, 2008

•Denman Maroney, Anna Lum 5 city tour of China, 2007

Vinny Golia Large Ensemble St. Louis 2006

•Midwest tour with Chanticleer String Quartet (July – Aug, 2006)

•Alvin Lucier  at New Music Circle in St. Louis  4/26/06

•Unknown Unknowns with Leroy Jenkins & Denman Maroney by New Music Circle at WUSTL (2/05)

•CEAIT Festival at Cal Arts and LA – Forum/Workshops and Performances with Vinny Golia, Patrick Vaillancourt and at •LineSpace Line with Andre Vida  (1/05)

•Sound Objects with Jim Hegarty at St. Louis Community College Forest Park and Eye Drum in Atlanta, GA with array of new instruments designed and built by O’Donnell and Hegarty (12/04) and at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City (11/05)

•60 x 60 CD of 60 international electronic composers create 60 second compositions presented in concert in St. Louis and New York (11/04)

•Sounds Like Now new music festival presented by World Music Institute at La Mama, Etc., NYC (10/04)

•Leroy Jenkins’ Driftwood with Min Xiao-Fin, Denman Maroney and Jenkins for the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians at The Community Church of New York (10/04)

•East Coast tour with Andre Vida Baltimore, Brooklyn, Manhattan (5/04)

•Unknown Unknowns with Leroy Jenkins & Denman Maroney at Cooler in the Shade, Lotus Music and Dance, NYC (8/03)

•Improv with Larry Marotta at the Loft, Columbus, Ohio (7/03)

•MOONDIAL with John Butcher, Van McElwee, Patrick Vallaincourt at STLCC at Forest Park (3/03)

•Adventures of Prince Achmed with Carol Genetti, Andre Vida & Mike Murphy at Webster Film (12/02)

•Brunelleschi e noi, for harpsichord, Baroque flute, lute, drum & electronics, multi media piece for painting, DVD with Bill Kohn, Dale Dufer, Debbie Lum, Maryse Carlin, Paul Thompson, Jeff Noonan at Elliot Smith and Des Lee Gallery (11/02)

•Undulations, electronics for paintings and video with Bill Kohn and Van McElwee at Elliot Smith  (11/99)

•Nature Moves at MO Botanical Garden with Angela Culbertson, Atrek Dance & poet Anna Lum (6/99)

•Machu Picchu/Sacred Light, media piece for slides, paintings, t’ai chi, electronic music (10 & 12/97, 3/99) with Bill Kohn, Randall Hyman and Anna Lum

•Bricolage, for electronics and Suzanne Grace, Burning Feet Dance (2/94)

•Intimate Vistas, for electronics and slides   (11/92)

•Alien Environments, Monkey Scat and Rolls, for electronics, slides, percussion with the Nuclear Percussion Ensemble (1/91)

•Rim to River, for electronics and dancers Suzeau and Cohan and paintings by Bill Kohn (9/90)

•Fire and Ice, for electronics and George Greenamyer ice & burning wood sculpture, (solstice 90-92)


past collaborations

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