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•BRUXISM, SeeSaw Drumming + Kyma, Schlafly Tap Room, 2/25/2016

•Parabolic Dance played on 4 tympani bowls, 2 metal, 2 fiberglass with transducers at base.  

Same sound  played thru each bowl produces spacial panning and shimmerng harmonics

not possible with speakers.  Part of INSIDE/OUTSIDE at HEARding Cats Kerr Foundation STL 3/13 

video by Brett Underwood.

•SeeSaw drumming at Philip Gelb's In the Mood for Food Series, Oakland CA 2011

Junk Yard Drummer for X-P.O.E Anima(l) with Kelsey LaPointe at Lemp Historic Brewery (5/0

•Chinese Culture Days Chinese music instrument exhibit at Missouri Botanical Garden (5/02)

•Termite Music, installation/performance environment with large wood sails & electronic feedback sourced  by its surroundings...if a termite could hear! with Anna Lum (6  Washington University Gallery of Art/New Music Circle


•Shadow Dancing, laser installation at Washington University Gallery of Art (10/93)  a laser controlled

musical instrument, audience activated.

•Numbers 1 & 2 with Mike Murphy and Recent Video Sculpture by Nam June Paik at The Forum (01/92)

•Fire and Ice, 3 major pieces for electronics, lights and George Greenamyer's ice sculpture at Laumeier Sculpture Park (12/90,12/91,12/92)

•Black Horn with Blane DeSt.Croix, installation artist and Anne Patz, choreographer at The Forum  (1990)


•Trephonia, sound sculpture with Bill Severson & Sandy Schultz, installed in Plano, TX (1988)

•Sun Worshipper too, an outdoor sunlight controlled installation, stereo electronic music instrument, broadcasting sound through  two wind torqued copper sails active for 6 months at Grand Blvd. and Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO (1984)

•Sun Worshipper sunlight controlled electronic instrument,  outdoor environmental piece at Missouri Botanical Garden (7/82)


•Midnight Carnival Large multimedia event from 10 pm till 2 am in a 24 block area of downtown St. Louis, created and produced by O’Donnell as part of New Music Circle’s BHAM celebration; 80 –100K people attended.  Electronic music by LeJaren Hiller  (7/3-4/76)

•No Single Thing Abides an environment of videospace projections and electronic music, Tom Hamiltonand O’Donnell music;    Dave Sanders and Morey Gers video. (6/15-7/4/76)


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