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Tom Hamilton's Local Customs

Mutable CD 2009

....a vividly improvised percussion part by Rich O'Donnell. His new seesaw drumming technique utilizes new self-designed sticks and pedals and a method of reciprocal motion which allows him to play very fast and light.  It's hard not to be so hypnotized by his contribution to Local Customs...but at some point concentrate on the interaction between percussiionist and composer/syntheser player.   The Wire 2009 


Leroy Jenkins’ Driftwood

The Art Of Improvisation

 Mutable Music 17523-2


… his [Rich O'Donnell] playing is all about virtuosity and juxtapositions, from blindingly fast flurries to pin-prick attack to metallic shredded scrapes.  by Michael Rosenstein 24 April 2006


The ensemble’s complementary textures – the sustain of Jenkins’ bowing, the quick decay of the pipa, the shimmering metallic highlights of Maroney’s preparations, and the small details of O’Donnell’s percussion – also play a large role creating and sustaining the music’s momentum. Yet, Driftwood’s most admirable quality is their restraint. Each of its members are virtuosos (for those not familiar with O’Donnell, he is the former principal percussionist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra), but they never disrupt the collectively articulated equilibrium.


LEROY JENKINS' DRIFTWOOD- The interplay between all four musicians has that edge-of-your-seat mesmerizing quality.  Both Rich and Min take incredible unaccompanied solos here as well.



"That was a wonderful concert last Friday at Cooler in the Shade.  More original ideas than I've heard in a long time.  And the combination of the three instruments was perfect." Bob Ashley


"Yeah, what a show last night!  I was really taken into another plane of thinking, really transcended the usual script of expression.  Which is what the NMC shows usually do for me, but this one was especially spectacular.  Each time I see Rich play I am further wowed, and that was a great blend of people last night".   Kelsey LaPoint



 "Rich, thanks for the book/CD of your seesaw drumming.  I had a lot of fun listening to the CD and imagining the performance.  The book is great-some of my students and I were looking through and marveling at your virtuosity!"  Terry Longshore



"...for me listening to your CD; and studying from your books, so wonderfully inventive and inspiring stuff!!!!!".  Michael Evans



Rich, I finally have started to slowly listen to the JD2 CD's and your piece is just brilliant!!  So inspiring! such rhythmic transparencies!  I love the Structure=and=many of the Sub-structural things that appear and disappear and then resound, etc."  Michael Evans



Rich, I enjoyed hearing you perform and seeing your instruments at CEAIT! There was a lot of enthusiastic feedback from students". Miriam Kolar


"Rich, the honest truth is that I drum because of were doing something that I had never seen anyone do, drum...morning noon and night....and a whole lot more."  Jonathan Haas




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